Creating unforgettable experiences
for travelers around the world

There are many discoveries to be made when traveling overseas while breathing in the local air, learning about the culture, soaking in the awe-inspiring landscapes and more. Overseas travel provides an opportunity to rediscover the beautiful aspects of Japanese culture and services. Abroad, there are activities that offer unique experiences only available in certain local areas that aren’t available in Japan. We would like our travelers to indulge in the activities with the sense of “experiencing” rather than “sightseeing”.

Traveling abroad for the first time can be transformative, where even a little bit of experience can be exhilarating, spark new discoveries, and can bring about new perspectives. Going to the same destination multiple times can offer a more in depth heartwarming experience. On the other hand, embarking to a new destination presents new encounters and a chance to learn about a new culture. Our daily challenge is to live up to our mission statement: "Creating unforgettable experiences for travelers around the world”.



To exceed travelers' expectations by offering a convenient, cost-effective, and fast way to search for activities, as well as a gateway to discovering new activities to enjoy.

To go above and beyond the user’s expectations to ensure their fulfillment

To create a company where employees can feel free to create, thrive and grow

To be the leading company in the region by integrating 3 aspects:
“Travel Opportunities” ×”Fun” ×”Meguru”



Be adaptive, Be agile -素早く適応する-

In this fast-paced era, we aim to build a team of professionals who are always one step ahead by learning quickly and embracing challenges in their respective fields. Our goal is to provide the best services and products that satisfy the essential needs of our users. To accomplish this, we consistently test our hypotheses with the market and users, examine the data meticulously and update our methods accordingly to further enhance our users experience. We are committed to continuously improving our service to meet the evolving needs of our users.

Make the ideal a reality -理想を実現する-

Without restricting ourselves to our capabilities alone, we start by envisioning our ideal future, and work together to make our vision into reality. As a result, we hope that our services are cherished and indispensable in the eyes of our users.

Enjoy the challenge -どんどん挑戦しよう-

We believe that failure is a crucial stepping stone towards achieving success. When faced with uncertainty, we readily rise to the challenge and learn what we can from every experience. Subsequently, we actively share our insights and our knowledge within our team to foster a collaborative culture of growth and improvement.